Docs for Tots staff member models social-emotional learning tool in a home-based child care

Docs for Tots works with family and group family providers in Nassau County and Queens to support providers and help improve the social emotional wellbeing of the infants and toddlers in their care. Project BRITE (Building Relationships in Infant Toddler Early Education) offers a no-cost 10-week hybrid model of support with weekly check-ins with a Mental Health Consultant who collaborates with providers to develop goals that foster the social-emotional environment in family-based child care programs. Read an example of how our Infant Toddler Mental health consultant modeled a new tool for one of our current providers enrolled in our program.

During a home-based childcare site visit, I had such a fantastic experience demonstrating the many ways to use Diana Alber’s Little Spot of Emotion. This book set was a great tool to bring social-emotional learning into the home-based setting. Not only was it a fun read, but the book set also came with color-coordinated emotion plushies and works great across age ranges and demographics.

The children and the staff enjoyed the visual of colorful emotion spots and playing emotion detectives. I especially loved that the book set included a mirror towards the back; this allowed for the caregivers and children to see their facial expressions while experiencing a wide range of feelings. 

Little Spot Of Emotion was a great tool to introduce and identify the many different emotions we experience. I can not wait to hear how the teaching staff will use Little Spot of Emotion in their lessons and playtime. 

Dalila, Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultant, Docs for Tots

Project BRITE helps family/group family child care providers adopt practices that can transform early childhood outcomes – an example of how Docs for Tots supports caregivers in order to set kids zero to five on the trajectory to thrive throughout their lives.

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