Children Have a Way of Bringing Us All Together & Allowing Us Into Their Little-Big World.

It was a great picnic day at HMG-LI with our guest of honor present: FCA (Family and Children’s Association) & their lovely PACT (Parents and Childrens Together) group of mothers and children. The weather was perfect, and magical swan sightings happened throughout the event.

However, the most magical moment through this MOM event was watching the bond between the mothers and their children. It was great to watch how the children played with one another and explored the grounds at Cedarmere Park. As they climbed up little slopes/hills, we were all watching them develop their gross motor skills, coordination, and balance without even realizing that we were watching them develop those skills. It was a great “ah-ha” moment for the mothers as we asked questions in the Ages and Stages questionnaire that focuses on getting the caregiver to think about these simple – yet important – life moments, such as them exploring a hill and interacting with other children, and connecting those moments with their developing many skills. It was also nice to see how involved caregivers felt in their child’s life and how open they were to expressing their concerns about their child’s development in hopes of obtaining valuable resources that could assist them in helping their child reach their optimal development.

The cherry on top of the cake for this event was watching the faces of the mothers as they received their pretty BELI (Baby Essentials of Long Island) baby bundles! All in all, it was a great event, great community partner collaboration, and an amazing experience! 

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