Help Me Grow Long Island Reports

HMGLI is committed to regularly reviewing data in order to inform future directions, spur quality improvement and hold ourselves accountable to the goals of promoting optimal development of young children across Long Island. Data from the HMGLI system was presented to demonstrate key findings about changing needs of families with young children before and after the start of the pandemic.

Strengthening Families Across Long Island

– Released December 2022

This 3rd Annual Report demonstrates that 2021 was a transition year, recovering from the pandemic with a bounce back in numbers of referrals from health providers and the return of developmental concerns as a high priority. Yet, the basic needs with which families so needed support during the pandemic remained constant. This continues to play out in the current year. New communities continued to find HMGLI and families found us through many channels. None of this would be possible without partnership; HMGLI represents the commitment of community partners across Long Island to come together and work towards building a better system for families with young children.

Promoting Social Emotional Developmental and Early Childhood Mental Health in Young Children

-Released January 2022

Help Me Grow – Long Island’s latest report “Promoting Social Emotional Development and Early Childhood Mental Health in Young Children” provides Long Island’s policy and decision makers with the knowledge and a path forward to start promoting mental health and social-emotional well-being from birth.

Centering the Family Experience: Implications for Long Island’s Early Childhood System

-Released October 2021

A follow-up to Help Me Grow Long Island’s May 2021 report, this October 2021 report explores families’ experiences with Help Me Grow – Long Island. Help Me Grow – Long Island’s Family Resources Specialists are there to help one family at a time, but this report demonstrates Help Me Grow’s potential for systems change: elevating parents’ voices paired with an examination of population-level data can drive more equitable access to services for all families.

2nd Annual Report: HMG-LI Grows to Meet Family Needs During COVID and Beyond

– Released May 2021

Our 2nd Annual Report highlights expansion to new communities, successful connection to services for vulnerable families during COVID, and distribution of 300,000 diapers while emphasizing developmental promotion.

Help Me Grow Long Island Annual Report: A Portrait of Growth & Impact

Read the 1st annual report and be in touch if you wish to join the HMG-LI referral network, and the amazing HMG-LI collective impact partnership that supports the Long Island community of families with young children.

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