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In fact, there are numerous blogs devoted exclusively to

The current mania for Birkin bags is hard to describe, as it borders on pathological. In fact, there are numerous blogs devoted exclusively to acquiring and owning Birkins. Birkin bloggers spend untold hours sharing celebrity Birkin sightings (Posh Spice photos …
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Julianne Hough from “Dancing with the Stars

At Garrison Forest, every senior completes a [senior project]. I wrote to the fashion director of Cosmopolitan magazine every day for roughly two months until she agreed to let me do my [project] with her (she was a graduate of …
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It been a while since I floated a fly over the brookies on

Speak up in college when you have something to contribute to the conversation or have a question. Also, don’t be afraid to linger after school to have a quick discussion with your professor or thank him for a particularly good …
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Maybe sometimes too much, but it is great trait to have

Immigration is a business. Churches work to get federal funds to support immigration efforts. That has been going on forever. By then he decided he wanted to be out on the ice skating around and being physical. Patrick is a …
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Chargois walked Kevin Pillar and was tagged with a two run

plea agreement says plant city pallet company was million YSL Replica The House of Chanel, more commonly known simply as Chanel, is a Parisian based fashion house. Founded by Coco Chanel Replica Yves Saint Laurent, the house specialized in beautifully …
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Latest News

Docs For Tots’ New Location

We would like to thank the Hagedorn Foundation for helping us find a new place to work on Long Island at the Elias Hicks . . .
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Changes to Our Team!

It is with a great sense of pride, excitement, and humility that we share with you the news that our Co-Director, Dr. Dina Lieser, . . .
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Dr. Isakson Presents: Building Bridges for Early Childhood Success

Dr. Isakson presented “Building Bridges for Early Childhood Success” at Winthrop Hospital Pediatric Grand Rounds on March 7th. Dr. Isakson discussed how our contribution . . .
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Investing in quality early learning programs is the most efficient way to affect school and life success and to reduce social expenditures later.

James Heckman, economist, Nobel laureate