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us softwood wars poised to reignite

Canada Goose Jackets During migration the Snow Goose flies so high it can barely be seen. They form shifting curved lines and arcs as they fly. Hunters call these birds “Wavies.” The name is derived from the Chippewa name for …
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The country still does creative destruction

The country still does creative destruction, too, as IBM and Intel have slid down the rankings to be replaced by Apple and Google. Chevron, an energy firm, has gone from a laggard to a world beater. Success has been anything …
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pandora bracelets Employees who are recognized as unique

Overall, the course was okay. There weren many hills and the scenery was good. Seeing homeless people under the bridges was kind of a downer. Fougere said a factor in the commission unanimous choice was Bray knowledge of the city …
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pandora earrings It’s a miserable morning in the Belgian city of Antwerp

Alternatives to Timeshare ForeclosureThis advice here is primarily for owners who have already paid for their timeshare. If you no longer can keep up with your annual maintenance fees or special assessments, your best option is to get rid of …
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Latest News

Docs For Tots’ New Location

We would like to thank the Hagedorn Foundation for helping us find a new place to work on Long Island at the Elias Hicks . . .
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Changes to Our Team!

It is with a great sense of pride, excitement, and humility that we share with you the news that our Co-Director, Dr. Dina Lieser, . . .
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Dr. Isakson Presents: Building Bridges for Early Childhood Success

Dr. Isakson presented “Building Bridges for Early Childhood Success” at Winthrop Hospital Pediatric Grand Rounds on March 7th. Dr. Isakson discussed how our contribution . . .
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Investing in quality early learning programs is the most efficient way to affect school and life success and to reduce social expenditures later.

James Heckman, economist, Nobel laureate